How to get rid of chocolate stains in five steps?

We all love chocolate but the milky richness leave behind an unmanageable mess when spilled. Chocolate contains fat in high amount that can seep deeper into the fibre and ruin it if not treated immediately. Check out below for a few ways on how to remove chocolate stains!

1.     Scrape it off

Refrigerate the garment for about 15 minutes that’ll prevent the stain from spreading further. While refrigerating, be careful to keep it away from open contents that may create additional stains. Once the garment, especially the chocolate stain solidifies, place it on a flat surface and scrape excess chocolate using a butter knife. Scrape it off as much as possible without rubbing or you’ll only set it deeper. It’s important treating the stain immediately for effective results!

2.     Wash it off

Before washing the fabric, gently massage laundry detergent or prewash stain remover on the spot. Let it sit for at-least 10 minutes before putting the garment in the washer. Follow the usual washing instructions as on the wash-care label and be mindful of a certain materials especially on fabric that can only be hand washed or dry-cleaned. For chocolate stains on white fabric, rinse with hottest water and bleach however for coloured clothes, use a colour-safe detergent. In case the garment is only dry-clean, better let a professional take care of it!

3.     Eye for residual stains

After washing the clothes, carefully look for residual stains and if there’re any, rerun the wash cycle without putting the clothes in dryer system. For convenience, you may work up an effective stain remover at home by mixing dish soap and diluted peroxide. Apply it directly on the mark as the soap would life the grease and fat while peroxide acts as bleach.

4.     Blot & sponge

Blot the stain using a clean white rag or a sponge without rubbing the affected area and while you blot, make sure the garment doesn’t discolour. After applying the stain remover, let it sit for at-least 15 minutes to break-up the spot without any discolouration. In case the solution gives a different colour other than the garment’s own, stop immediately! Don’t forget wearing safety gloves when working with hydrogen peroxide as it may damage the skin.

5.     Remove from carpet

If the chocolate stain find its way on carpet, vacuum the flakes immediately thus preventing it from being mushed. Carefully apply a stain remover using a clean toothbrush by dabbing it directly on the spot but don’t rub. Keep rinsing the toothbrush as well to prevent it further from spreading.

Soak the chocolate mark with a stain remover and blot either with the usual tower or paper by weighing the affected area down with a flat, heavy object like a pile of books. The blotting fabric must be clean or it may leave its own stains behind!

As carpet is harder and thicker than the usual fabric, the stain is unlikely to come out the first time so you needn’t be impatient!

The above steps exemplify how to remove chocolate stains


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