Link building 2017: Changes from Last Year

In the Philippines, SEO or search engine optimization is making a wave in the online community. How companies use SEO can make or break their branding to their audience. One of the crucial aspects of search engine rankings is the link building.

Link building refers to the process of acquiring external pages to link a page into a website, which the links are crawled by the search engine, such as Google. It is considered as one of the efficient tactics in search engine optimization.   

With the advancement in technology and continues updates of Google, how link building is done also changes to adapt to the right practices of efficient link building strategies. This brings us to what are the changes in link building that we should know to stay on the track. Read on and let’s take a look at the development of link building in the recent years.

Link Building Will Become More Personal
Since its creation, link building has definitely come a long way. Search engine, such as Google has been continually changing the way they rank and de-rank a certain website. With this, making link building more personal will help you become accustomed with Google’s standards.

Compelling Content Still Matters
The creation of a great content is needed more than ever. A compelling content is definitely essential because people crave for only credible and captivating content. Producing quality is not easy at it may seem. One needs to consider various things to be able to come up a content that is fully tailored to the potential audience. However, there are tested tricks to follow to create compelling content. Before pitching contents and links, consider these things:

-       What are the latest trends in your respective industry?
-       What are the most captivating topics in your niche?
-       Does the content clearly show the message I want to convey?
-       Will it help my potential target audience?
-       Will it capture my audience’s attention?

The Importance of a Website
A website is considered as the backbone of a good SEO. The structure of a website is crucial since it should be beautifully structured so that users can easily see the information that they need in the easiest and quickest possible way. It should be the top priority of web developers when constructing a website.

Another one is that websites now should offer linkable assets. Linkable assets refer to the pages in a website that serve as the value proposition for the whole website itself. By having linkable assets, one can ensure that the website is valuable enough for the search engines.

Real link building has always been hard. Implementing effective link building strategies requires time and effort. However, no matter how hard it is, never use black hat link building methods. Instead, make time to research and learn efficient SEO techniques and invest in software that will help you get white hat SEO backlinks. With this, you will be able to adapt to the changes and updates in link building techniques.  


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