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The instrument is the heart and soul of music and adequate attention has to be given when making them. At Muzikkon, we realize the simple fact that manufacturing music instrument is no like manufacturing just another gadget, our rich knowledge and background enables us to make instruments just the way they are supposed to be made. We dedicate the most authentic people for making instruments like Harp, lute, Drums and including the many variations they come in. Through years of successful Music Instrument making we have become the most trusted Music Instrument Supplier in Ireland. Our continued success and the praise we get from our respected clients are testimonies of that.

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Stringed Instruments

Harp is a beautifully crafted great sounding traditional stringed instrument that is suitable for any level of players. Although most commonly used in Ireland, it is also used in various parts of Europe with history dating back in centuries. We provide great quality Harps to our clients and also provide varied options like the Lyre Harp, which is traditionally slightly different in playing methods to the regular Harp. We also offer great quality Lute, Ukulele, Mountain Dulcimer, Oud and Dulcimer Banjo, which are all great stringed instruments made with finest quality materials.
Drums are one of the most integral part of any music party. They bring touch of joy and energy to the whole scenario. Different variations of drums are used in different part of the world and the tradition ages back to even the inception of music instruments. Muzukkon offers clients the most unique much customizable and modern Irish BODHRAN Drums that can be altered to suit specific styles of drumming, different variations of Fame Drums that come in different sizes, Medieval Drums rich with traditional British history and drums with military history in Renaissance Drums that also add an extra amount of beat to the tune.

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Blow In

The Traditional Irish Flute has been serving well for blow wind instrument for the past many decades. The holes in the middle of the simple-system conical bore allows the windblown in from mouth of the user to escape at varies frequencies and intensities allowing for different types of sound to emerge. Muzikkon has the best quality Traditional Irish Flutes that are made from different qualities of wood to further enhance the sound depending upon preferences and choices of the users.

We put our best efforts in the manufacturing process of all these instruments and ensure that our customers get the best quality products at competitive prices as well. All Music Instruments are manufactured using the top quality raw materials that ensures outstanding music output when played. We also offer our clients well-made beautifully crafted instrument Music Stands that help in playing or storing your instruments as well. Our stands are specially made to withstand the test of time and rough usage. All our products are available for orders from our website. We ensure that the product that gets delivered matches the exact specifications mentioned and excels in all levels of customer satisfaction. Feel free to order from us and we will deliver your dream music instrument all over Europe in the most safe and secure way possible.


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