The Importance of Quality in Garment Labels for Clothing

A small clothing label on garments plays a very essential part in determining the potential of the brand and clothe it offers. This small chip contains very useful information for the customer to know. A garment tag is a clear reflection of the artistic identity of the brand and can single handily consolidate the quality standard of the garment which forms a lasting impression in customers mind.

It’s not easy to develop the perfect suitable customized label for distinctive products but it holds a key to garment label industry.  It can be termed as a significant mark of the brand or rather says its signature. Experienced entrepreneurs know the importance of these labels which eventually turns out to be the brand identifying name maker, and marks the appreciation of all the success.

Nowadays these labels are a style addition to the product and are very influencing in purchasing of product. These labels are fixed basically on the collars, back of the jeans, skirts or on the side stream of the product. Being such an important part, one should always keep the quality quotient high of these garment labels. However, there are only few designers who have good knowledge of the specific material used for manufacturing these products which cause a big difference in brand name.

Garment labels are made up of different raw materials like cotton Damask, Taffeta, and Satin. Each one has its own quality, advantages, disadvantages, price and finding the right one for your clothing business could be confusing. It requires knowledge in fabric and also one should know the exact requirement of its customers as some prefer washable garments, others prefer clothes suitable for dry cleaning. So, using the correct quality label in a particular material of clothes is crucial.

Materials Used

·    When it comes to use labels for infant and kids clothing, damask labels are best suited as it is very soft and durable. These labels withstand multiple washes and use of fine thread propels them to flaunt images and text quite sharply.

·    For much artistic look, one could opt for labels made of taffeta. They are made of tiny visible dots and are very cheap in terms of price.

·     Cotton is the most used raw material for manufacturing garment labels. It is eco-friendly and non harmful for skin.

·    Satin are the most glittering one. It is appealing, trendy and goes well with every product.


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