WhatsApp launched as a Series of New Updates

WhatsApp has been a useful source of social media, which helps the folks to communicate people in a different and organized way.  At present, WhatsApp is working on several new features to make its platform a more interesting one. The messaging app revealed new features for Android and iOS users recently, which includes the ability to leave a Voice Message for the missed calls, the option to call back, quote message, ability to share with the multiple contacts, text-formatting, new fonts and more.  

The gigantic app WhatsApp has over one billion monthly active users with over hundred million voice calls being made each day by day. On Android, the new update brings more and more emojis; some of these were iOS exclusive. WhatsApp currently supports Unicode nine based Emojis. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is also looking for the arrival of vide-calling support. 

It could be also added Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) sharing to the platform soon, which is already supported by Facebook Messenger. The app also introduced a beta build with the video calling option on Android but diminished the update afterward. Further, WhatsApp is also looking at bringing the larger Emojis, music sharing and the public groups for the iOS users. 

Voicemail Feature
The WhatsApp has been introducing an array of features, the recent one being the voicemail feature. The feature arrived on the iPhone devices first, and now the company has also rolled it out for the Android users through the Google Play. Furthermore, the latest beta version for Android also gets the ability to share the content with multiple contacts and groups simultaneously. As everyone knows, Android users are also now receiving the callback and voicemail features through the Google Play, and the listing various features. These features were already seen in the Android beta version a few days back, and now it is rolling out it all the consumers. The feature gives them the ability to leave a voice mail after a WhatsApp call is not answered. The voice mail is similar to that of the voice message because the mechanism is in such a way that the folks cannot hear it before sending also. This version also brings the ability to send secret fonts.

What are the new features launched by WhatsApp?
WhatsApp is a multi-sharing feature that allows the users to share a photo or a video or a document with the multiple contacts in just a single tap. Actually, the feature is live on a beta version of the app for the Android devices. To use the multi-sharing feature, a person must select the photo, video or document one need to share with the multiple contacts.
The app will show a list of contacts with three under the Frequent Chats option and a few under Recent Chats option.  All other contacts in the phone book appear under Other Contacts option. One also can select multiple contacts to share media with by clicking on them, or simply search for the other contacts to add them to the list. All the selected contacts appear with a green tick. The names of contacts a consumer select also appear in a color green band. Then just simply press send now to share the message. 

Voice Message
Recently, WhatsApp rolled out Voice Message and Call Back feature. The Voice Message allows the users to leave a voice message for the users in case they do not pick up the WhatsApp call. Call back feature allows the users to call back a person in case they are not picking up. There is also cancel option that simply closes the screen if we do not want to proceed with the call again. The updated is available for both Android and the iOS users. 

How to use the Voice Message feature?    
First, we should hold the voice message button to record the message and release it to send the message to their friends or colleagues. These messages appear like normal WhatsApp voice recordings to the users to receive them. Click on the Call Again option to call back the person. Click on the cancel button in the case if the person does not want to go ahead with calling another time.  

Quote Message
This feature allows the users to quote a previous message in a group and reply to it. The quoted message appears along with the reply as the user press send. The feature basically adds context to messages. The feature works both for the individual chats and group chats. First, a person should select a particular message to quote. It could be either text or media message. The next step is long press the message; then just select the Reply option and WhatsApp will show a preview with the quoted message, and a small check box to enter the reply. The response will show up inside the conversation with the original quoted message attached on top of it. Every user in a group won’t gets the same color and hence automatically a different one.  

Android and iOS users on WhatsApp can format their text to add bold, italics or any other style formats while messaging their friends or colleagues. To add the bold the person should type the text in between two asterisk symbols. For the italics, the person should type between two underscore symbols. The Strikethrough appears when a person types the text between the two tilde symbols. For their friend or colleague to see the formatting, they need to b e on the same version.  

FixedSys Font
WhatsApp recently added this feature to enable chatting in a different font. As of the present, this is the only font offered by WhatsApp. This feature is similar to that of the one in Windows with the same name. The feature has been spotted in the Android Beta latest version and also available for the iOS beta users. 

How to use FixedSys Font Feature?
Everything that users want to type in FixedSys needs to go inside three back quote symbols, both that the starting and at the end of a sentence or a word. For example to type a word in the FixedSys Font, one needs to put the word in quotes.  Hence, typing the same word will change its Font format to FixedSys format. The Font cannot be integrated with other text formats like bold, italics etc.  

Upcoming Features
According to the various supports, WhatsApp is set to add the music-sharing feature to its app. The feature will allow the users to share music stored on the devices as well as from Apple Music Service. 

GIF Support
 WhatsApp is expected to add GIF support to its iOS app soon. This feature has been reportedly spotted in the vet version. Other features like WeChat, Line already support the same one.

Big Emoji
The app is also speculated to soon feature support for the bigger emoji. This feature too is based on Apple’s announcement regarding support for the same in the upcoming latest version of iOS. 

Video Calling
This app was spotted in WhatsApp beta for the Android users but disappeared in the later updates. However, it is quite that the company will be introducing in the feature. 

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