Does Page Rank and Traffic Go Together?

Search engine optimization is a complex and developing thing in the online community. Almost every now and then, several changes and updates are being made to ensure a more rewarding SEO for many website owners. This is why
best SEO companies are doing their best to stay equipped and informed with the current trends, tricks, and techniques in this progressive field to be able to provide the excellent SEO services with their clients. Two of the essential concerns of website owners are their page rank and website traffic.  How search engines rank a certain webpage? How can you determine the traffic of your website? Does a page rank and traffic go together? Before we answer if page rank affects website traffic, let’s take a look first how a certain page ranked and how to determine the traffic in a website.

What is Page Rank?
A page rank refers to the combination of search engine optimization, quality and compelling content, and the links and viewership you have.

You can improve your page ranking by producing high quality and captivating content, which is relevant to your keywords and website description. Your SEO techniques also matters because the type of SEO tricks you will use will definitely help you achieve high rank in search engine results page.

How Google Rank a Webpage?
Reaching top rank in the first page of Google is definitely achievement for many website owners since it is one of the biggest search engines. Here’s how does Google rank your webpage.

-       Authority – Authority is very important to Google. The website or webpage should display original and accurate information. For example, many people rely on news sites, such as BBC or CNN when it comes to reading or viewing current events. Hence, these websites are trusted of their visitors when it comes to the accuracy of their content. As such, Google use this as basis to rank a certain webpage.

-       Relevance – Content or we should say “relevant” content is essential in SEO. When Google sees that your content is relevant to the queries of the people, it will surely place your webpage in top rank. With this, website owners should ensure that their site is understood by Google. Furthermore, site owners must produce content that is written in the same language that searchers using to make it relevant. 

How to Determine Website Traffic?
Heavy traffic into your website is a good sign that all your marketing and SEO efforts are paid off. The traffic in a website is determined by monitoring the traffic from your own website, traffic monitoring using plugins and websites, and by tracking your competitor’s websites.

-       Monitor traffic within your website – Using platform, such as WordPress will help you monitor the overall statistics and activities within your website. s
-       Traffic monitoring using plugins and websites – To be able to monitor traffic using plugins, try using Compete or Alexa. These two are web information company that provides the detailed data about the statistics of your website.
-       Track competitor’s websites – It may be critical, but checking your competitor’s websites is a good way to know where you are lacking or exceeding with your marketing efforts.

Given all these facts, it is clearly states that when your page rank, it is a sign of heavy traffic into your website. Hence, it is essential to double up your marketing efforts so you can achieve both and build your brand in the Internet efficiently as well. 


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