Top tips for planning a trip to Bhopal

Do you love to travel? Are you fond of experiencing new things in your life through traveling? If yes, and if you have a great taste for natural beauty and the cultural heritage of a place, then Bhopal is the right place for you to be. The quintessential charm of Bhopal will mesmerize you in ways you could never think of! 

Check hotels at Bhopal beforehand for your trip. Because this city is a traveller’s paradise and therefore attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world throughout the year make sure you book the right hotel. And once you have packed your bags, there’s no looking back. Here are some of the tips you may find useful if you want to explore this magical city to the fullest. Keep reading! 

       Bhopal is famous for the lakes- both manmade and the natural. It is said that there are more than 17 lakes inside the Bhopal city. This is why it is also known as the ‘City of Lakes’. So, you must visit the famous lakes of this place. Check out the Upper Lake, Lower Lake, MotiaTalaab and many other beautiful lakes of Bhopal. The city is also famous for the water sports that are available in most of these lakes indulge yourselves in some favourite water sports and enjoy the charm of this city!

      The religious places of Bhopal hold a special significance. Bhopal has a rich cultural and religious heritage which add to its historical significance as an old city. Birla Mandir, Taj-Ul-Masjid, Jama Masjid, Moti Masjid, MonuaBhankitekri, Gufa Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Sai Baba Temple, Bhojpur Temple and many other religious places of Bhopal will enrich your taste in a unique way. In order to experience the authentic pulse of the city, do not miss checking out these fabulous religious places of this city. 

      Once you are in Bhopal, make sure you do a little sightseeing in order to experience the most important places that are located around Bhopal. Go for Bhimbetka rock paintings, Sanchi Stua, Raisen Fort. These places all have immense historical importance attached to them and most of all have earned international fame because of their importance. Do not miss these places by any means! 

          The beautiful gardens and parks of Bhopal are something you ought not miss on your trip. Make sure you visit these beautifully decorated gardens and parks most of which are adjacent to the lakes of this city. Check out sunset and sunrise from these gardens. There’s a street called Marine Drive which runs alongside the Upper Lake. A simple stroll on this street in the evening will make you come back to this city time and again. 

      Visit the famous Van Vihar National Park and experience the wildlife amidst the humdrum of city life. Bhopal has some incredibly rich museums at the heart of the city. Check these museums out too.
Look for hotels Bhopal online for your stay in this beautiful city. Have a great and memorable trip ahead!


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