Useful Cleaning Checklist for Summer

Looking after all the cleaning stuff in the summer can be quite daunting especially when there is more traffic at your home. As per the best cleaning companies Dubai, housemaids happen to deal with more clutter in the summer season as compared to the winter. Dubai is truly beautiful when it’s warm but don’t mess with it when the sun is harsh. Even for the professionals like housemaids, it gets very annoying to deal with so much mess at times.

In that case, just check out the effective cleaning checklist for summer season that will give you nothing but quick and smooth cleaning;

Clean the Sliding Door Tracks
Families go frequently in and out the patio door all day in summer. It's important to make sure that the doors work smoothly and are clean otherwise you can get stuck with the fixtures and further expenses. All you need for that is a screwdriver, a rag and some degreasing cleaner. Simply, spray the cleaner directly onto the tracks, and then just leave it for 10 minutes to soften the grime rewarded by the previous winter. Just wrap the rag over screwdriver and slowly pass the rag through it to bring all the dirt and grease.

Watch Out the Washing Machine
As compared to the other seasons, summer happens to have an entirely new set of washing demands. It's essential to make sure that your washing machine is good enough to handle the new loads. While checking your washing machine, the best practices of cleaning companies Dubai suggest you look into the hoses first. In case you find bulges or cracks, just replace them. Clean out the drum on an empty cycle. Make sure to clean out the filter and draw as well.

Safety Inspection
It might seem daunting and somewhat irksome but isn't so actually. It has more to do with the personal outdoor play area for kids and indoor gym. Just make sure to tighten all the bolts and don’t forget to cover the sharp edges with some plastic yet not-too-edgy protector. Alongside ensuring the risk-free and smooth cleaning, this will keep equipment live longer.

Flies Clustered in Dustbin
Flies only gather for a hang-out or kitty-party in dustbin if they find it smelly. Frankly, excessive dustbin smell is as good as a reputable brand perfume for flies that attracts them. Therefore, just treat the bins with strong disinfectants (recommended by the cleaning companies Dubai) to avoid any such maggots appearing in the dustbin. For that, you are supposed to rinse out the excess pieces of rubbish, empty out all the water, spray heavily with disinfectant, leave it for soaking till 30 min, rinse it with water and just let it dry.

Frist Aid Kit Preparation
Summer usually has minor but many medical emergencies. It happens especially with the excited children who are so happy with their summer vacations are running and playing around the house without being careful. So just make sure to pack in bunch of plasters, ice packs, pain killer spray, lotion for bug bites, some antibiotics, quick wound healing drug and aspirin.


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