DIY Landscaping Ideas You Can Try For Your Home

Redesigning a yard is something that most people would do because their tastes change over time. They want to liven up their old and boring backyard to give their house a fresh new look, and to have something that allows constant change in the house with minimal expenses. Changing your backyard’s look can be a daunting process, but once it is finished, you’ll immediately be happier and proud that you chose to do a makeover - especially if you’re the one that did it and not a professional. This is where DIY projects that will not cost you exorbitant amounts come in handy; projects such as DIY walkway tips and guides and DIY backyard decorations are so helpful, the only thing that’s stopping people from doing it is pure laziness!

So, here’s a little something that can revamp your backyard and will make your neighbors have jealous looks with how beautiful it looks!

#1. Checkerboard Design

Is your backyard’s ground boring and lacks a little bit of creativity? Well, you can spice up the majority of your backyard by doing this simple DIY project! By laying down wood divider all around the backyard, you’ll be having the borders of the checkerboard design. Next, remove the grass in some parts of the checkerboard to free up some space, and this will give you more choices on what to put inside each square. Remember, don’t remove all the grass because it’s always better to incorporate some grassy areas in the checkerboard design to give it a traditional feel. The next thing you should do is put different kinds of gravel in different squares of the wood dividers, this will give your backyard a modern feel while still retaining that relaxing environment of a backyard.

Lastly, you can’t forget putting in some color in your checkerboard design! You can put some low-growing plants in the remaining squares, examples of these plants are sedum and Acaena. And that’s it! A simple landscape design that will give life to your old backyard!

#2. Swirling Pebbles

If your yard is missing that look that makes people turn their heads a second time, then maybe you should do this makeover. This is really simple, and can be quite the exciting activity. First, buy huge amounts of differently colored pebbles. Then, choose which of the colors you’d want as the dominant one on the walkway, then choose the pebbles that you’d think would add a little more detail into the planned walkway. Then, you can proceed to laying the pebbles in a swirling fashion that will definitely make some heads turn. Just a little tip: you can put the pebbles that are intended for details on the outer part of the swirl to make it more realistic! This will definitely take up a considerable amount of your time, but when finished, you’ll be proud of the results.

Doing things that can bring the life back to your yard - or to your house - can actually be fun and enjoyable, just as long as you’re willing to make an effort to do it! The internet is filled with creative and unique ideas, it’s up to you if you want to make use of it to give your house something new.


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