SEO Basics: 3 Cardinal Rules for SEO Beginners

For most people, SEO is a hard thing to excel at because the rules of the game continuously changes with each day that passes by. That’s why most people who to excel at seo look for SEO tutorials  that could help them deepen their grasp on the whole SEO scene. But, for SEO beginners the good way to build their foundation is to learn what the basic rules are for SEO

Here’s something that can help you learn the basics of SEO!

#1. Gaining Google’s Trust

This may be one of the hardest barriers for anyone that wants to rank higher in search engines. Being the number one search engine in the world, Google is the go-to spot to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Which is why most businesses create websites to increase the number of people that discover their brand. But, if you’re trying to optimize your website for SEO, then you’ll first have to gain the trust of Google. Because Google won’t show you in their search results page if they think that your website is suspicious.

You can gain Google’s trust by following all the rules that Google enforces for SEO. By doing this, you’ll gain its trust over time. But, when you start doing some SEO tactics that are ignoring the rules set by Google, then you might never be noticed by them - or even be banned by them!

#2. Patience is Key

No matter how beautifully designed you website is, Google will always ignore its design but will focus on your link-consistency over a long period of time. How long? It will take a couple of years before Google finally takes notice of your website. Age refers to the indexed age of your website, the content, and the links that lead to your website. The age is a combination of everything that was just stated and how often they are created. Google has algorithms that are always logging, analyzing, and judging any activity that happens to your website. If you only put it enough effort for a month or two, you’ll only be destroying your chances in being noticed by Google.

Also, even if your website has existed for over 2 years but is not active in any link building, content creating activities, Google will never show your website in their search results! Trust is built over time, so be patient and good things will befall your website.

#3. Quality Over Quantity

One of the oldest rules of the internet is quality always beats quantity. For your website, don’t do numerous activities at one time while sacrificing its quality. Instead, put out quality content that was done the right way in intervals. Do this for enough times and Google will finally notice your website. So far, Google pushes that search engines shouldn’t be the only thing that produces quality content but also the totality of the internet. That’s why they constantly come forth with algorithms that check quality content but also checks poor quality content of websites.

Always remember that age is not enough. For most websites that exist in the first page rankings of Google, they outrank similar websites that have existed longer than them. Why? Because they continuously follow the rules set by Google, and they produce quality content that assures each and every visitor that they won’t be wasting their time whenever they visit the high ranking website!

It will always be better to be knowledgeable in every rule that Google comes up with because they do this to heighten the user experience of each and every internet visitor. So, it won’t hurt you to follow the rules and continuously produce quality content because at the end of the day, everything that you’ve worked hard for, is all for you and your website.


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