SUV tyres: Is it safe riding on remoulded 4x4 wheels?

The process of recycling carcass of used tyre is referred to as remoulding. Remaining tyre treat is ripped off and replaced by a new, moulded rubber to the carcass. This replacement to the sidewalls and tread gives a sleek, new and safe finish.

The remoulding process
There’re many different ways to produce SUV tyre remoulds. One common factor with all is the use of tyre carcass (also referred to as casing) which is first inspected to ensure there haven’t been any repairs performed before. Irreparable structural damage is also checked as remoulding a tyre with such a deteriorated condition is extremely dangerous.
This is important for if the casing is damaged, tyre is unfit for re-treading and need to be discarded. Steel components would also be inspected for rust whereas casing would be cast-off in presence of any rust.

The sides of the casing and remaining tread are then buffed using a special machine that removes excess rubber and other imperfections. All defects are patched through rubber cement compound which is then carefully sealed to rid air bubbles in the carcass.

New rubber is then introduced into the machine and exposed to high temperature which makes it malleable enough to fit perfectly. This rubber is then applied to the SUV tyre casing that pitches it up to achieve minimum tread depth requirement or perhaps more, depending on the tyre you’re dealing with.

Sides of the tyre are completely dressed with rubber with air pockets being completely removed so that it adheres well to the carcass. The mould exerts pressure and heat to the Falken tyre thereby creating impression of the tyre tread and after this, any leftover rubber from the mould is extracted and cleaned for a sleek, shiny and fresh finish.

Remould SUV tyre: Safe or dangerous
For every country, there’re specific regulations including tyres industry. For remoulded tyres, it’s mandatory to test them before they arrive on the shelf whereas this test is performed under controlled environment as well as on actual roads. This is to ensure all the wheels follow a predefined and uniform standard. All remoulded tyres must be marked “e” as selling a batch without the character is illegal.

As long as you ride on a remoulded SUV tyre Dubai with an “e” and proper testing has been performed before they appear in the market, it’s totally safe however following manufacturer’s instructions is crucial for absolute safety.

Almost all remoulded tyres are safe to ride with as long as they’re replaced before reaching the terminus of their lifecycle. Some manufacturers only prefer premium-grade casings that are less than five years old for remoulding purpose.

Benefits of remoulded tyres
Despite the misconceptions of remoulded tyres being dangerous, even heavy vehicles and even aircrafts use them frequently nowadays die to cost effectiveness as well as meeting the green/eco-friendly standards.


For minimum to zero carbon footprint on the environment, remoulded tyres are the best choice. They reduce landfill, are fuel efficient and consume less oil during manufacture so make sure your SUV tyre is remoulded!


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