The Philippine SEO Scene

Search engine optimization or SEO is truly a big thing in the business landscape today. Many digital marketers, such as SEO Hacker are providing exceptional and compelling SEO services to their clients and helping them reach top rank in search engine results page and increase their visibility in the online scene.  

From the traditional means of promoting a brand, marketing has definitely come a long way. With the inception of SEO, digital marketing is more convincing and credible than ever before.

Indeed, the SEO in the Philippines is flourishing because of the availability of technology and white hat methods. Let’s have a glimpse on the Philippine SEO scene.  

The Labor Market
Since search engine optimization is one of the robust industries today, various SEO jobs are continually increasing and evolving in the country. With the easy access to Internet and flair of many Filipinos in technology, they can make the perfect SEO practitioners not only in the country but in whole Asia as well. Here are three possible careers in the search engine optimization industry.

-       Content Writer – Since content is essential in a good SEO, a person who will craft credible content is needed. This person is called content writer or copywriter. Some of the responsibilities of a content writer are producing creative, compelling, and quality text. He or she will generate different types of content for different kinds of mediums. Furthermore, a content writer will create voice that suits the client’s brand identity.

-       Link Building Specialist – Link building is one of the effective strategies in SEO. With this, a person who will implement tactics and build relationships with other website owners is essential in an SEO company. A link building specialist will perform link development techniques, such as prospecting for webmasters, blog commenting, and execute off page search engine optimization, among others. Moreover, he or she will communicate and build strong rapport with other website owners, which ensure the heavy website traffic.
Web Developer – A beautifully structured website is essential in an SEO. With this, a person who will generate layout is important in an SEO company, which is called a web developer. A web developer is also responsible in maintaining the security and plugins in a website. Furthermore, developers will craft theme specifically cater to client’s needs and maintain existing one, if any.

The Current Landscape of SEO
Since its inception, the SEO industry in the Philippines is growing steadily. Many entrepreneurs and marketers are integrating SEO into their marketing strategies to create brand awareness and establish their identity in the online landscape.
SEO practitioners and enthusiasts make sure that they are equipped with the latest trend in search engine optimization industry to stay in the line.

What is the Future of SEO?

What does the future of search engine optimization has in store for marketers and entrepreneurs? According to some experts, content marketing and mobile optimization will be the next big thing in SEO. Content marketing is essential because credible content is needed more than ever. Many consumers now are relying their decisions based on the content their reading. On the other hand, mobile will definitely dominate the tech scene, taking over the desktops and laptops. With this, companies should ensure that their website is optimize to mobile. 


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