WhatsApp is back after an unexpected atrocity

The gigantic messaging service, WhatsApp which is said to be a real-time messaging network allows the folks all over the world in order to stay connected with their friends, family, and colleagues. A recent report says that over four hundred and fifty million people using the service each month. About seventy percent of the folks are active on a day. The growths of users are increasing each and every day and more than one million new registered users per day. It is on a new and individual path to connect about one billion people and the services used are incredibly valuable one.

 Recently, Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for about sixteen billion dollars. This gigantic messaging service has extreme high user coordination and this fastest growth is driven by the powerful messaging capabilities. The company is working hard to bring more products to more folks around the world. An environment is provided by the company where the business people can build the companies, set their own target and focus on the growth at the same time getting benefited by the company’s resources.
 It has following its procedures for both Instagram and WhatsApp. It has done its best of ability for the messaging similar to that of Skype did for the voice and video calls. Because of the huge internet connection, the personal communication is done at high speed from one location to another.    
A research report says that there are about four hundred and million active users which are a record breaking one. Only a few years back WhatsApp exclaimed about two hundred million active users more than that of Twitter. Each and every day, a number of people are installing the app and start chatting and they are more addicted to WhatsApp than any of another service. The number of daily active users of WhatsApp has been increased to seventy-two percent. It is one of the best apps for both official and personal communication.

A few days ago, the folks were unable to send or receive the message conversations all over the world. It is not an easy way of fixing the issue which is affecting most of its consumers and it is likely an issue going with its servers. The website down detector exclaims that the issues with the app surged over the last hour.

 It is said to be that these issues were specifically focused in Western Europe, East Coast of the US and South America. As the summary of time zones, the problems can happen anywhere in the future. The folks reported that the problems with sending and receiving messages, signing in or loading the app.

Some of the apps maintain a status page to alert the consumers when it is broken. But this status page is not initialized in WhatsApp. On the other side of the flip, it has a Twitter account page but it has not been used since the year 2014, despite having more than two million followers.

It is said to be that the gigantic messaging service has about nine hundred million users per month which are a massive growth that has seen millions of folks joined recently. The internet chat app has already replaced texting for most of the folks. Last April the WhatsApp had about only eight hundred million monthly users and in January it had only seven hundred million.

But the parent messaging service and a famous social media Facebook has been growing much more quickly compared to that of WhatsApp because it has been visited by one billion folks in just a single day. It has been gradually improving a lot and introducing new features in order to keep its users signed up. Facebook is facing lots of difficulties to turn its assets into something that actually makes a good amount. It has been floated a number of unique ways of profiting from the gigantic messaging service’s success.

The Facebook allows a huge number of enterprises in order to send messages to the WhatsApp consumers. The gigantic tool which is similar to that of the Messenger may be a new way for the network to cast the WhatsApp. Though the gigantic chat service has grown to an extreme level, it has been struggling a lot to transform the growth into cash. 

The Messenger app of Facebook has a high number of consumers which is approximately seven hundred million in June. It has been reached a tremendous growth because most of the users prefer this app for the chatting purpose. In the month of March, WhatsApp became a famous one, after Facebook to be installed over a huge number of times on Android phones. The exact count of the people cannot be estimated, sine the famous search engine Google says that it is between one billion and five billion. 

The real fact is that enabling the business to consumer messaging has a better business potential for the company. More opportunities will be given to WhatsApp in the future in order to achieve the target. Some of the features have been already integrated into a new version of Facebook messenger, which allows the folks to chat with the organizations about the deals.

 The growth of eight hundred million active monthly users of the gigantic messaging service means it rivals much more established social networks. The site has struggled to turn the huge user base into profit. Facebook has exclaimed that recently WhatsApp had made about sixteen million dollars in the revenues in the first half of the previous year but lost about two hundred and thirty-two million dollars. The gigantic messaging service is absolutely downloaded to free and use for the first year then, later on, it charges for about one dollar as subscription fee.

In the upcoming days, WhatsApp is going to start a new unit known to be peer to peer payment system.  This system comes into existence in India by next year that’s its biggest market. A statement has been given by the company that they are ready to contribute more to the vision of digital India and they are continuing to listen well to the reviews from the users. Whether the company plans to develop the payment system beyond India remains to be seen. The Facebook which controls WhatsApp introduced a similar function to its Messenger app the previous year.

According to the security researchers, there is a security problem raised in WhatsApp which means that anyone can see a person’s display picture, although they have set privacy to the option of friends only. The folks are able to set WhatsApp so that it only broadcast their picture with the folks they have as contacts. But the bugs allow the folks to view the profile photos of the third person.

The web app allows the folks to see photos that have since been eliminated. View a photo app, these photos cannot be seen clearly but on the way, they seem to remain a permanent one in a better way. The gigantic messaging service has been committed to ensuring the security and the privacy for its consumers, by introducing an end to end encryption. It also will honor their preferences and their pictures to be viewable according to the user’s choice.

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