Getting the Most Out of Your First Year in UAE

A decade ago, virtually nobody is aware where United Arab Emirates is, but today, because of its continual economic growth, you may not only have heard of this emirate if you were living under the rocks for the last couple of years. UAE has been very successful in making its nation an economic and tourism powerhouse, and this is apparent with numerous constructions of skyscrapers, openings of multi-national companies, and large migration to the city.

In the past several years, many investors have cashed in on the growing economy of UAE. The result of this is expansive job market. Because of UAE’s fairly healthy and growing job market, more and more people from other neighboring cities, emirates, and countries are moving to UAE in hopes of establishing a more lucrative career. UAE is currently the home of thousands of expats and foreign workers, even outnumbering locals. This only proves that UAE is a melting pot of professionals, skilled workers, business people, and even adventure-seeking tourists.

If you are one of the Australian professionals or skilled workers who are intending to move to UAE to find a better career, you may want to learn about basic “survival” skills. These skills will help you have a convenient time adapting to UAE’s culture, lifestyle, and laws.

The currency being used throughout UAE is dirham (AED). The exchange rate for AUD to AED is approximately AED 3.43. Before you move to UAE, it is recommended to have your Australian dollars exchanged for dirhams through forex trading UAE so you will not have a hard time transacting with businesses when you arrive in UAE. You may also want to have your AUD exchanged for AED when you arrive at the airport.

It is strongly recommended to consult your network carrier about using your cell phone in UAE. You may also inquire the customer support of your cell phone brand to know whether or not your phone can be used in UAE. Some cell phones are locked and can only be used in the country where it was bought. In order to avoid the hassle of not having a ready-to-use cell phone when you arrive in UAE, you would have to contact your service provider before you move.

UAE has some laws that may be alien to Australians, and you have to watch out for these laws because you don’t want to spoil your stay in UAE. You should know that consuming alcohol outside establishments that are licensed to serve alcohol is illegal. Additionally, if you drink, don’t even think about driving as the UAE has zero tolerance for intoxicated driving. If you are a fan of public display of affection (PDA), better not think about doing it in UAE. PDA is not only frowned upon in UAE but is also unlawful.

Before you move to UAE, it is important to contact a relocation company beforehand. If you plan to move your belongings from Australia to UAE, it is advisable to hire the services of a moving company. There are many professional movers so you should not have a hard time looking for one. Movers know how to handle the relocation of your items, saving you from the hassle of doing it on your own. If you don’t plan to bring with you your things, you may want to consider shopping in UAE.

Moving to UAE may not be a practical idea a decade ago, but because of its current economic stability, rise in popularity of forex trading UAE, growing number of tourist visits, its job market is better than ever. One of the main reasons why workers and professionals flock the emirate is because there is no income tax. Hence, workers in UAE relatively get more compared to their counterparts from other countries.


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