8 Most Crucial Seo Tips

Once you have chosen best and most relevant SEO keywords for your website, there are some choices to be made before starting writing content. This is a very crucial step and you should spend plenty or your time thinking carefully about these choices. Before actually starting your work, you should brain storm following questions:

·         Niche of the site?

·         Purpose of site?
·         The last one is about your commitment towards it.
After brain storming these it time to work. Following are some important tips for SEO.

Niche Based Website:
The first and foremost important tip is choosing one primary niche. Following and sticking to one niche is very important regarding to SEO point of view. All ways do proper keyword research about your topic; it can tell you how much people are searching for your domain or niche. Use Google Trends to find out the latest trends of searching.

On-Page SEO and using keywords:
On-page is another basic pillar of SEO and using your topic name in site title, tag line, domain name, description, keywords, blog categories, page titles and page content can really help boost your SEO. WordPress provides a lot of opportunities in settings menu and you can even use popular plugins.

Linking Internal Pages:
It is very important aspect of SEO and helps to increase the time user spend on your time. Always link your most important pages from you homepage and cross-link all pages with each other. A lot of content management systems do linking on their own but you should be curious about doing it yourself.

Keyword based permalinks:
Permalinks that use numbers to identify pages and posts look very ugly and are certainly not good for SEO. Always use URL structure that includes text, and make sure to use keyword in your URL’s.

Increase Website Loading time:
Page load time is very important and website that loads in nice time is considered more attractive by users. Try not to include music players, heavy image files, flash files and unnecessary plugins.

Image alt attributes:
Use keywords that tell about your website in image title, description and alt attributes. Also, name image files in accordance with your niche. Using seo-tips.jpg instead of s123.jpg is highly recommended.

Back linking:
Each outbound do-follow link is a vote for a site you are linking to in your content. It tells people and search engine that your site is trusted authority among other sites. Always back link your website from niche relevant sites.

Updating site is important:

Blogs and directories are good in terms of SEO because they are constantly updated and new content is added frequently to blogs and directories. So updating your website with latest trends and happenings also help achieving higher ranks in search engines. 


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